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arena SWIM Training Kit

arena SWIM Training Kit


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₹ 4,350.00

    Our arena SWIM Training Kit has all the essential equipment to get you started. It comes with an arena PowerFin, Mesh Bag, Trax Hand Paddles, 10L Dry Bag, Free Flow Pull Buoy

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    Colours shipped may vary as seen in the image. Unfortunately stocks are limited.


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arena SWIM Training Kit 

Power Fins 

The Arena Powerfin is perfect tool for the lower body workout. It helps the swimmer to develop a stronger, faster & more efficient kick.The short blades are optimal for high power kick frequency. The fins are made from 100% long life silicone for maximum comfort and reduces chance of blisters. 

Trax Hand Paddles

The Arena Trax Hand Paddles are a great training aid helping to increase the efficiency of your swimming strokes. These Trax Hand Paddles have a hydrodynamic shape which works with your swim stroke. The Trax features flow lines and an anatomical hand plant.

Mesh Bag 

Mesh Bag large enough to carry all your swimming gear

10L Dry Bag 

Ideal to take through the shower to the poolside. Perfect to store wet gear in after training. Fits neatly into other bags


Our Freeflow pullbuoy is an optimal tool for focusing on stroke technique, upper body strength and endurance.


arena SWIM Training Kit contains:

1 Pair of Power Fins (Please select your size from the size drop down option)

1 Pair of Trax Hand Paddles

1 Mesh Bag (Colour shipped my vary as stocks are limited)

1 Pull Buoy (Colour shipped my vary as stocks are limited)

1 10L Dry Bag 

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