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Knee ICE Brace & Wrap with Compression


(Cold One®)

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₹ 8,100.00

    The Complete Icing & Compression Solution:

    The Cold One® Knee ice compression brace and wrap provides complete icing and compression to treat injuries and ailments in the common injury areas on the Knee. Ideal for Injury and Surgery Recovery . Our Ice Compression braces and wraps treat soft tissues injuries, helping sports recovery & rehabilitation.

    The Cold One® Knee ICE Brace & Wrap with Compression, can be used to treat:

    Active sprains or strains (critical injury)
    Sore/Swollen knees from past injury or surgery (chronic injury)
    Knee Surgery (pre and post op)
    Torn ACL
    Dislocated or twisted kneecap
    Torn Meniscus
    Jumper's Knee (ie. patella tendonitis)
    Runner's Knee (ie. iliotibial band friction)
    Housemaid's Knee (ie. prepatellar bursitis)


  • Adult Free Size


Cold One® Icing is the most Recommended and Approved Safe Method by Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Orthopedic MDs to relieve knee pain and inflammation from knee injury or post surgical procedures.

The knee ice pack freezes in less than 90 minutes in a home freezer. Apply frozen loosely around the knee, then tighten the Velcro straps to the desired compression. The knee brace will only stay frozen for the 15-20 minutes recommended by MDs, however it can continue to be worn as a soft brace or compression sleeve.  Knee icing 2 to 3 times a day will promote and reduce healing time.

Cold One® products contain NO CHEMICAL COOLANTS just pure natural icing to provide 15-20 minutes of 32ºf as recommended by Orthopedic MDs.

Delivers complete 360º Icing & Compression to the front, back and sides of the knee. May be worn as a soft brace whether frozen or not.

MD Recommended #1 Treatment for knee injury or post surgery * One Size Fits All - Made in USA - 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Orthopedic MDs Recommend Knee Icing For:

(Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic)

  • Active sprains or strains (critical injury)
  • Sore/Swollen knees from past injury or surgery (chronic injury)
  • Knee Surgery (pre and post op)
  • Torn ACL
  • Dislocated or twisted kneecap 
  • Torn Meniscus 
  • Jumper's Knee (ie. patella tendonitis) 
  • Runner's Knee (ie. iliotibial band friction) 
  • Housemaid's Knee (ie. prepatellar bursitis)


Complete 360º icing around the front, back and sides of the knee.

If the knee is tender from surgery or injury, it may be more comfortable to let the ice gels begin to slush slightly before applying compression. 

Constructed of non-toxic and non-hazardous FDA approved materials. Cold One® ice wraps are safe to use against the skin. 

Made to last of the highest quality materials, hand stitched to perfection, and made in USA.


What are Cold One® ice wraps made of?
ColdOne® cold compression therapy ice wraps are comprised of three low-bulk stretchable layers that drive the cold deep into ligaments and muscles. The outer layer of nitrogen blown neoprene provides insulation and prevents moisture build-up on the outside while the rubber impregnated linen of the inner layer also reduces interior sweating while protecting against cryoburn. The mid layer of strategically sewn in non-toxic flexible gels conform to the body’s curvature for a close comfortable fit while providing cold coverage where it’s needed most.

How do Cold One® ice wraps work?
All Cold One® ice wraps are ready-to-wear when frozen for up to two hours in a residential or commercial freezer.

After applying the Cold One® cold compression ice wrap to the injured muscle for 15-20 minutes, the internal tissue temperature is lowered by 10 degrees or more for immediate relief of pain and swelling. Reducing the soft tissue temperature blocks the pain receptors for relief that lasts several hours. With continued use, the body will begin to use its natural energy to heal the injured tissues instead of leaking blood and fluid into the injured area causing more inflammation and pain.

How often should I wear my Cold One® ice wrap?
As medically advised, cold and compression (as provided by the Cold One® ice wraps) should be applied for the first 72 hours after an injury to minimize soft tissue pain and swelling, and ultimately, speed up recovery times. For an acute injury, it is recommended that you apply the Cold One® ice wrap for 15-20 minutes every few hours while the inflammation is evident. For chronic pain, it is recommended to apply Cold One® ice wraps following strenuous activities and as needed to treat reoccurring discomfort and inflammation.

What is R.I.C.E.?

RICE is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. RICE therapy is a standard treatment for the first 2-3 days following many acute soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and strains. It is intended to help relieve pain, swelling and discomfort while expediting the healing process.


Rest: Resting the injured part can help relieve discomfort, avoids further injury, and can aid the healing process. In addition to ceasing all strenuous activity, rest may also include decreasing weight bearing on the injury site, splinting or diminishing stress.


Ice: Ice can provide pain relief to the injured area. It also helps to control the leakage of fluid from blood and lymphatic vessels which causes swelling. Doctors recommend applying ice for 15-20 minutes at a time as often as possible.


Compression: Compress the injury to speed up healing and decrease swelling. For ease, use a Cold One® cold compression ice wrap or gently apply an elastic bandage around the area for support. Take caution not to wrap the area too tightly, causing further damage. If you feel throbbing or your fingers or toes turn blue, the wrap is too tight.


Elevation: Elevate the injured area above the level of the chest to decrease swelling. Elevation also helps promote the return of blood and lymphatic fluid due to the effects of gravity.

My skin doesn’t feel cold - is my ice wrap working?
While the skin may not feel as cold as expected, the healing process is taking place well below the epidermis. Cold One® ice wraps are designed to drive the cold deep into the muscle to reduce pain and inflammation in the soft tissue while the rubber impregnated linen inner layer protects the skin from freezing.

My skin is too cold from wearing my ice wrap. What can I do to reduce the discomfort?
A small towel or article of clothing may be applied between the skin and any Cold One® ice wrap to add a degree of insulation from the direct cold without affecting the effectiveness of the treatment.

Are Cold One® products safe?
All ColdOne® products are constructed of non-toxic and non-hazardous FDA approved food-grade materials that are safe to use against the skin. 

Once the frozen wrap is applied, the gels will gradually thaw within 15-20 minutes - the length of time recommended by doctors and orthopedic therapists for effective healing - so there is no risk of damage from “over-icing” the tissues or cryoburn to the skin.

Individuals with pre-existing conditions that discourage cold compression usage - such as diabetes – should consult with their doctor prior to using Cold One ® cold compression therapy ice wraps.

How do I clean my Cold One® ice wrap?
The durable, easy to care for ice wraps can be washed in the top rack of a home dishwasher and the inner layer can be disinfected with an anti-bacterial wipe if used for open wounds or post surgical applications.

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