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Women's PowerSkin CARBON FLEX RACING SUIT (Open Back)



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₹ 36,000.00

₹ 14,400.00

    Performance swimwear designed for mid & long distances. The perfect mix of flexibility and compression. 



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Part of the POWERSKIN Carbon Series, the POWERSKIN Carbon Flex features all the power of the intelligent compression and Arena's proprietary Carbon Cage, the POWERSKIN Carbon Flex is the first product in the Arena family to use the patented V-FLEX SYSTEM. This revolutionary construction, featuring taped and bonded external rear seams, provides swimmers with maximum range of motion and freedom of movement around the hips, glutes, and shoulders (women's FBSL) and allows for unrestricted flexion and extension in all directions.

Multi-panel construction uses anatomically placed anchor points and high-strength elastic tapes to create Tension Lines along the back of the upper legs that provide a lifting effect to help improve and maintain body position and alleviate drag and resistance from fatigued legs

The arena carbon cage, unique to the range, holds and compresses the muscles perfectly in place.

The low profiled bonded seams are strategically placed they run up the front of the quads, curving outwards and upwards over the hips. The rear seams run straight up each hamstring, continuing over the glutes. The elasticized tapes are designed to store potential energy which is released during dives, kicks and turns, to efficiency and provide the legs with maximum mobility.

The perfect mix of flexibility and compression. 


Composition: Fabric: Powerskin Carbon Flex Outer Shell: 52% Polyamide,47% Elastane,1% Carbon Fiber Inside Lining: 65% Polyamide,34% Elastane,1% Carbon Fiber FINA approved costume Woven and bounded Intelligent muscle compression Power return construction Water repellent coating

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