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₹ 2,400.00

    The snake-eye shape provides for wide vision and hydrodynamic performance for racing and competitive swimmers.

Choose the second goggle to get 40% OFF

*Any color
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Offer applicable on purchase of multiple of 2 goggles 

(Example 2 or 4 or 6 goggles etc. ) 


Keep your eye on the prize with our Python Mirror goggles. These racing goggles with mirrored lenses provide extra protection against UV rays while swimming outdoors and cut down on glare from the sun and in well-lit pools.

We developed the snake-eye shape for wide vision and hydrodynamic performance. This watertight design has durable hard lenses for a clear view and soft silicone seals and strap for comfort. Get the best fit by adjusting the dual strap.


Features           Description
Composition:     Lens: Polycarbonate  
                          Seal:  Silicone
                          Strap: Silicone
Anti-Fog:            Yes
UV Protection:   Yes

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