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₹ 2,400.00

    Keep your outlook 100% clear on game day in our Python goggles.

Choose the second goggle to get 40% OFF

*Any color
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Offer applicable on purchase of multiple of 2 goggles 

(Example 2 or 4 or 6 goggles etc. ) 


The cool snake eye shape of these racing goggles ensures a wide field of view. The perfect fit effectively keeps water and humidity out. We crafted this style with hard polycarbonates lenses for longevity and clarity. The silicone seals are soft on the face, and the dual strap can be adjusted for total customization. Zero water infiltration, zero fog and awesome UV protection.


Features           Description
Composition:     Lens: Polycarbonate  
                          Seal:  Silicone
                          Strap: Silicone
Anti-Fog:            Yes
UV Protection:   Yes

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