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₹ 780.00

    Soft & Comfortable, Sleek & Smooth, Long Lasting, PVC Free


Heritage designs are the inspiration behind our Icons collection. Emblazoned with our logo stripes from the ’70s, this Team Stripe silicone swim cap embodies the athletic vibe of an era of amazing swimmers. Whether intensive training or fitness swimming is your game, add some flair to your swim kit with this retro headcover.

Material + Fit
Extra stretchy silicone is a durable swim material that moulds to your head’s shape. Its soft feel is easy on hair and protects it from water and chlorine. The sleek surface and tight fit ensure hydrodynamic performance while swimming. PVC free.

Extend your swim cap’s lifespan by washing it in fresh water after use and air drying it away from heat sources.


Features Description
Composition: 100% Silicone

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